Featuring these four vampire-centric short stories. (All of these stories feature black characters.)

S.C. Parris's Short Stories

Listed below are the current published short stories either published solely on Patreon or on Amazon or my Book Store for your reading pleasure.

M a s o n.png

MASON: An October Vampire Story: October 2019

[genres: horror, urban, short story, vampires]

18+ [no sex]

Mason is looking for some fun at the nearest hip-hop club in New York. He takes his reluctant friend Greg along, but he's not looking to babysit. He wants to get his mind off of his batshit ex, Tiffany Mercer, a woman who is not easy to forget.

Until he meets beautiful, mysterious Amara.

As their meeting grows stranger, Mason can't help but feel Amara isn't human, but before he allows himself to acknowledge his fears, he's bound by the captivating stranger in more ways than one.

An Unfortunate End.jpg

AN UNFORTUNATE END: An October Vampire Story: October 2019

[genres: horror, urban fantasy, short story, vampires]

18+ [sexual moments between women, suicidal ideation, suicidal attempt]

June returns home on Halloween night, tired of her life, ready to commit suicide, but a vampire is already there, ready to stop her.

Only to make June hers. A vampire, reborn.

It's a night of endings, but unfortunately for June, beginnings as well.

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LOST IN THE WOODS: An October Vampire Short Story: October 2019

18+ [TW: Blood]

When Timothy, Tim for short, and his girlfriend Jessica go camping on Halloween night, Tim has plans to ask a very important question.

The question he'll be asking, before the night is through, however, is "Why?"

The Haunted House.png

THE UNWANTED GUEST: An October Vampire Story: October 2019

The Englewood's just wanted to enjoy their new home, but several ghosts and one charming, persistent vampire are determined to see them dead before they can get around to it.


A JUDGMENT FRIDAY THE 13TH SHORT STORY: A September 2019 Short Story

When Gabriel Caldwell finds himself outside Sylvia Ward’s home, looking in, the normally cool-headed werewolf gets caught off guard by a vampire.

A JUDGMENT, Friday the 13th short story perfect for the full moon.

TW: Fighting, monsters.