Excerpts from The Dark World

Hello fellow writers and readers alike! Now, I know I've touched on the topic of my book in the last two real posts I've had here, but I realized I've never actually let you guys get a taste of it. Well here are some excerpts:

He looked up just in time to see two large figures flying overhead, their blue and black cloaks flapping wildly in the wind.

They landed with no sound at all upon the pavement of Xavier’s manor.

“This is not normally our job—”

“Never been asked to do it before—”

“But General Vonderheide requests your presence at his manor—”

“Instantly, it would seem—”

“Rather important—”

“Very grave—”

Xavier stared at the Erasers in front of him. He had no trouble identifying who they were for it was stitched clearly against their cloaks. The Erasers flew across seemingly every inch of their cloaks, done with white thread most brilliantly.

“Victor requests my presence?” Xavier clarified, for it was hard to understand them before; they jumped upon each other’s sentences, finishing the previous one for the other.

“Most grave,” the taller of the two repeated. His face lined with a dark expression, telling Xavier that these two were not joking in the least despite the manner in which they spoke.

“Of what priority would you say this is?” Xavier asked them.

The shorter of the two, with a small face and short red hair, pulled out a small piece of paper from his cloak. He cleared his throat, reading it with the air of someone addressing Dracula himself, “Is it not something I can discuss in front of the Erasers, Xavier, but you must go to my home the moment the Erasers have read you this note. Lillith will be there, filling you in on what has happened. I, after acquiring the Erasers to locate you, am heading to Damion’s manor. I fear the human woman is in grave danger. And yes, she’s been found Xavier. All will be explained by Lillith, I’m sure.

“ -General Victor Vonderheide,

“Secondary Lord of the Vampire Order.”

-The Erasers: Chapter Sixteen; The Dark World: A Delacroix Novel

Available here (paperback) and here (ebook).


If you like what you see, take a peek at the next one after the jump:

The room decorated with dancing candlelight was full this night. Somewhat dreary music from the hired orchestra filed through the large room as murmurs and greetings, never rising above a scream, co-mingled and mixed causing a considerable din. Many men and women dressed in the finest of fabrics and tailored suits filled the large hall, sipping wine (others sipped a darker, thicker liquid), they’d acquired from passing waiters’ trays and a select few even danced along to the music provided. They had no idea they were being watched by eyes that noticed everything, caught every movement, every sigh, every hungry eye. For when a Vampire threw the party, one could be sure he knew what was taking place at all times; it had to be so, for if you invite humans and Vampires to mingle amongst one another freely, you had to be aware. Observant.

He watched from the balcony as the two Vampires he’d hired for that night walked through the crowd. They did not stop to speak with anyone, as it should be, and the suits they wore completed the disguise nicely; they couldn’t seem too obvious. Yes, they had to blend in, and as far as Victor Vonderheide was concerned, they did so wonderfully.

“My Lord,” the voice did not turn him away from his subjects below, but he listened just as carefully, “all is well below.”

“I am aware.” And he turned to eye the Vampire at last as the question rose to his mind. “Has Christian arrived yet?”

“No, my Lord.”

Victor placed a hand on the railing and turned back to the humans and Vampires below him. He had had no desire to throw a party since he and Lillith had just returned from the Vampire City, but he wished to know if Christian was fully healed and he wanted to know more about this human woman rumored to be living in Damion’s home. If he could lure Christian, then surely she would follow. If she did not, well, Victor could just as easily retire to his room. He had no need for blood. All he wished was to rest. The ride back to London was extremely tiring, as they did not stop once, not even for the Truancies. There were no soldiers to aid them so they were indeed on their own.

Victor had felt it best to arrive in London as soon as possible: The easier to assess Lillith’s situation, the easier to return to his bed. Nevertheless, it was not only until he reached his home did he think of the human woman living in Damion’s home. And was Christian still not there? Victor could not pass up the chance to meet the woman. And yes, it was quite the risk, if she indeed was the one they were looking for: All of the Vampires present would immediately fall prey to her blood. There was no telling how they would react, or if at all. But it was a risk Victor was willing to take if it meant that he had acquired the woman before Xavier.

He sighed, turning away from the boring sight of humans fawning over Vampires and Vampires teasing humans. Taunting and tricking the poor creatures might of seemed intriguing to him many years ago but now it all seemed pointless. What did it matter how you played with them before you killed them? Was it not just as well to kill them quickly, saving yourself the time and anticipation for the taste of blood that was far too often lacking in quality? Yes, over the years Victor found he’d grown tired of the games and teasing. It did not matter in the end. It never mattered.

-Chapter Twelve: The Escort; The Dark World: A Delacroix Novel

Again, available here (paperback) and here (ebook).


Sharing the wealth has given me an idea! I'm thinking of putting the first half of The Immortal's Guide: Another Delacroix Novel up as an ebook for a reasonable price (probably around $0.50?). What do you think? Does that sound like a good idea to you?