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The Goblet: Book 5

Betrayal is thicker than blood.
Xavier Delacroix has made his choice at last. Eleanor Black has her King.

Yet, the Dark World is without a King sanctioned by Dracula, one to rule the Dark World in his stead, and it is suffering for his absence...

Christian Delacroix is hidden away in the Vampire City with Alexandria Stone, the woman whose blood continues to surround him, yet he cannot deny the connection that lingers between them. And as he trains with renowned Vampire Westley Rivers to better defend himself against deadly threats, the truth of his involvement under Dracula’s plans is revealed and he must stand where his brother could not, become the King the Dark World has needed since Dracula’s death.

The Goblet

...there is no single character that is strictly The Good Guy. Everyone has some darkness too them which makes it feel all the more real. Who wants every character to run away with your heart because they’re Pure and Golden? Not me. I like mine with some mystery and darkness they’re either fighting against or letting engulf them fully - whether by choice or manipluation of a stronger character ;)
— Northern Plunder (Book Reviewer) | 4 * Review
The Dark World is a fantasy with vampires as the main characters, and they’re not the nice sexy sparkly kind which is always nice and refreshing. They’re the type who will casually snack on their human servants if they happen to be hungry and probably won’t even feel bad about it. Really nice guys basically. They’re not the only creatures introduced in the book though. There are also Lycans (good old werewolves), elves, centaurs... Oh and dragons!

All the lore of the world is really well thought out and the characters are interesting. My personal favorites were the main character Xavier’s brother Christian (the worst casual servant snacker) and the human girl Alexandria.
— Tecsielity (Book Reviewer) | 4* Review
What I loved the most was that each character and had something important to give to the character. No matter how good or evil they were, something significant was added to the story because of them. Two strong personalities colliding with each other was so interesting to read. One of the main personalities colliding here is Eleanor, a smart woman who knows a little to much. Let me tell you that was a force in the story, and a force to mess with. It’s a battle, it’s a war.
— Anthony (Crown of Books Book Reviewer) | 4* Review
The Dark World: Book 1

Welcome To The Dark World.

A World kept from the eyes of humans where all manner of Dark Creature live, war, and thrive.

But certain Creatures are about to find that there is more to the dark than blood and bite…. The Dark World holds secrets…and the greatest of all are about to be revealed.


When Xavier Delacroix witnesses the death of beloved Vampire Order member, Eleanor Black, his world is turned upside down. A visit to the King of All Dark Creatures, Dracula, reveals little but more secrets, sending Xavier to keep a few for himself. After all, he is no longer sure who he can trust….

With the surprising appearance of strange new Creatures, the Dark World is plagued with a strange energy, energy that is affecting all Dark Creatures for the worst…

Equipped with nothing but questions, Xavier and those close to him are forced to face this new threat, even if it may cost them their lives.

The Dark World
I have seen a stunning amount of death and destruction. Creation yes, but more death than birth. Mankind has learned nothing from their forefathers. Their ancestors. It is true what they say: history does repeat itself, Delacroix, and those after history are left to make it, but how can they,” he removed his hand from the globe, waving it thoughtfully through the air, “when it has already been made?
— S.C. Parris; The Dark World: Book 1

In the first book, Parris managed to create a world and was able to spin it for her own originality. Parris managed to extend it further in this book through every detail possibles and new characters. The most exciting part was learning about new creatures and even some creatures with enchanting abilities.
— Anthony (Crown of Books Book Reviewer) | 4* Review
The Immortal's Guide

The Immortal's Guide: Book 2

The Dark World is changing.
Xavier Delacroix is thrown into the fray of The Dark World as the new breed of Creature consumes all. Confusion meets him at every turn while this strange dread that claims the World holds all Creatures in its grasp…including him.

Christian Delacroix is kept maddeningly close to the mysterious Alexandria Stone. And despite the fact that her blood does not reach him, it seems to reach other Creatures. For they are coming for her, and if he can take his eyes off the interesting red light that seeps past her skin while she sleeps, he just may be able to keep her safe.
The Immortal’s Guide: A powerful book every Creature wants to get their hands on is lost. But a Vampire Dracula kept close may know where it is. And he wants to help Xavier reach it while others want to keep him from it.

It’s a race to the book, a race to escape the clutches of the surprising new Creature that is as familiar as she is deadly; it’s a race to save the Dark World before it falls to her powerful hands.

The Immortal's Guide
‘Alexandria,’ he began, the name lingering on the morning air as though it did not belong amongst trees, but instead somewhere much safer, much more enclosed.
’Christian,’ she breathed after her name had remained uncomfortably within his ears for a most distressing period of time.
The tears in her eyes had begun to fill quickly and more tears fell as she stared upon him expectantly, and he was quite suddenly aware that a drink of blood would be most desirable to ease the sheer uncomfortable edge he felt with her stare.
— S.C. Parris; The Immortal's Guide: Book 2

Parris keeps managing to add more to the story so that is always interesting and unable to be put down. The battle continues and the chase is after the sword before certain changes could happen...It’s nice to see a world from many perspectives that isn’t confusing. I think it’s rare to have multiple perspectives and manage to control it all without things crossing over to much that makes it confusing. It was consistent and understandable.
— Anthony (Crown of Books Book Reviewer) | 4* Review

The Two Swords: Book 3

The Dark World is falling.


The dust has barely settled in the Vampire City when Xavier Delacroix is interrupted from a rather annoying meeting with the Etrian Elves to pay heed to the strange letters received by various Creatures he’d met in his previous journey across the Dark World. Two important Dark Creatures have gone missing, leaving these strange letters behind, and faced with the impending threat of this new breed of Creature again, he is forced to pick up his sword and enter the fight.

But the Dark World has changed drastically since he’d last been beneath the darkened sky: her Creatures wait behind every strange wind for him, and it seems they know just where he will end up next….


Dracula’s sword is as important as Alexandria Stone, after all, both blare with a strange red light rendering those in the twisting darkness equal parts scared and confused.

Christian Delacroix finds himself at odds with the woman’s strangeness, her never-ending sleep, her strange way to still his thirst…but when he learns the very sword Dracula held in his grip was meant for him to hold, he finds himself on a journey through the Dark World once again, a journey through darkness, betrayal, and desire that will change him forever.

The Two Swords
The Two Swords
‘There is special power in that sword,’ Ewer went on, ‘the gem in the guard of the Ares holds the blood of the Creature that has been slain by it.’
— S.C. Parris; The Two Swords: Book 3

I have really enjoyed reading the series so far. The Dark World is completely different from what I usually read...This book brings in an entire new layer to the story and the battle going on between the different kinds of creatures in the Dark World. As I said before, if you think you know everything, there is still plenty to uncover and learn. You will never, never know all the information in this world.
— Anthony (Crown of Books Book Reviewer) | 4* Review

The Phoenixes of the Nest: Book 4

Everything will burn.


With magic restored to its rightful place, Dracula’s secrets push Xavier to leave The Order of the Dragon behind. He strikes out on his own—driven by the sultry voice that continues its heady call through his mind.

Pulled to the one Creature that can give him answers to the many question he seeks, he takes matters into his own hands, and uncovers what could be a greater threat than Elite Creatures—the once-subdued Enchanters are on the move, for their leader has finally awoken from his centuries-long slumber, and he is angry, determined to end the Vampires’ and Lycans’ existence once and for all.

But there are beings in the clouds who have been kept from the Dark World by stronger forces. Now that Alexandria Stone’s beaming red light subdues Vampire, Lycan, and Elite Creature alike, they can return. —And their wrath is greater than anything The Dark World has ever known. 

The Phoenixes of the Nest
The Phoenixes of the Nest
He tore his gaze from the door to eye the medallion at his chest, black and dull, sharply offset by the gold around it and along the chain. She was losing this war, he thought, feeling the dullness of Eleanor Black’s dread swarming against his dead heart where the medallion fell. She was losing it and it did not matter who won: We would cease to be no matter the outcome.
— S.C. Parris; The Phoenixes of the Nest: Book 4

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