xavier delacroix

Lord of Vampires, Xavier Delacroix is the Leader of the Vampire Order, established by Dracula some years before Book 1 takes place. 

He is the headstrong, stoic, charismatic Vampire, that finds himself in a predicament he cannot run from which propels him deeper into the Dark World, a world that has changed greatly and will change him, perhaps for the worst...


Eleanor is the headstrong, vibrant Vampire who steals Xavier Delacroix's dead heart, and is subsequently killed by the very same Vampire some years later.

But she returns changed, speaking of Dracula's secrets and how far she can take them, and she only wants one thing to complete her quest for ultimate knowledge and power...Xavier Delacroix. And she'll have him whether he agrees or not.

Christian Delacroix

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Alexandria Stone

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