Writing Amidst Doubt

Like any writer, I face doubt. Not often, as I choose to focus on my work and what I'm doing and contributing to literature (not much lol), but as of late, the doubt has crept in and is, for the moment at least, here to stay.

I am at a loss as to what to do, as what I usually do (just keep writing and pushing past it, looking at past reviews or talking to current readers), doesn't seem to be settling.

It doesn't help that I'm friends with other authors on FB who seem to be posting books every month, at their leisure, fashioning marketing toolkits out of thin air in order to coincide with these releases.

And here I am, a book a year or so it would seem, struggling to find a marketing tool that will help me reach more eyes, and in turn help me reach more would-be readers.

I know, I know, comparing is the start to one's downfall, but one cannot help but look and see what their peers are doing.

I suppose I should stop once again and just focus on myself? But where is the line between a bubble-like focus on ones doings and other's accomplishments? I know it wrong to separate myself from them as we're all in this together, but it's so easy to get caught up in the negatives.

I am overlooking how one woman who bought my first book from me in store came back last week and exclaimed how much she loved it (so much so I was dazed and confused as to what she was talking about), and I am overlooking how other readers are steadily making their way through the books, the plots, and the so-so editing (that's another blog post).

That said, it is good to focus on one's goals and check off when those goals are met.

As for me?

I saw the interior for The Goblet: Book 5 (sans map as are the few previous books in the series, unfortunately),

the dark world series map

This is the Dark World series map.

and it keeps in line with the rest of the books.

The book jacket, however, doesn't.

Here, see for yourself.

the goblet full wrap

Do you think that looks better or worse than the first book jacket (which the subsequent book jackets followed if only not as pretty)?

the dark world full cover

I was told I got a different designer for Book 5 when I saw the full cover. And though I like it, I like continuity in plot, design...etc. even more. It just looks nicer and makes things seem even more complete no?

Ah well, I've one more book to write in this series (just hit Chapter 4; small miracles), and I hope the lack of continuity in the design of the series doesn't deter would-be readers.

It bothers my perfectionist mind.

But what can one do?

Continue writing, of course. Chucking on fearlessly, as always, in the midst of doubt, and yes, I suppose it is the right answer altogether: focusing on one's goals and one goals alone.

Happy writing and reading!

The Goblet: Book V is available for E-Book now, btw. The physical release is still slated for Nov 28th, 2017.

With Blood and Love,

S.C. Parris