The Dark World & Reviews

This is going to be kind of short as I'm in my library at school and want to get back to writing before I head to my next class (stay in school kids!), but I just wanted to share some reviews with you guys that I've received for THE DARK WORLD: BOOK 1 recently.

"Wicked good book. Looking forward to seeing where this world continues" - AJ/Sloan (She's making an awesome Dragon pendant for me to wear because she loved the first book so much!)

"S.C. Parris tells a magnificent tale of Vampires and Werewolf unlike any other I've read. This story reminded me well of Underworld from the beginning, but with the introduction of a new Dark World creature, it became a tale all in its own. Absolutely riveting!!" - S.L. Perrine

"S.C Parris takes everything we know about vampires and gives it a delightfully dark refresher, each of her characters is unique (and dangerous!) and a have a story they're dying to tell. From the first chapter I was hooked, I felt plunged into this dark world of Vampires, Lycans, and Dragons, and I loved it." - Cassandra McDonald

"SC Parris' debut novel has many Pros and Cons for me, which makes it hard for me to rate.
There are many different Points of View and a ton of characters which made it difficult to follow at times.
The story and worldbuilding and especially the characters are very interesting but in the end feels a bit like a Prologue to an entirely different story." - Elena

As you can see the reviews that are available (on Goodreads, mostly), are insightful, and the criticisms are duly noted and only give me the chance to make Book 5 better (as 2-4 are already done), but I love the feedback all the same.

Want to know what everyone's talking about?


I'm off to write.

And yes, the Phoenixes' Blood Talk Blog Post is coming soon!

With Blood and Love,

S.C. Parris