Blood Talk Episode 3: Dracula and The Sons of Thestian

The Sons of Thestian (The Harmatia Cycle: Book 1) is a brilliant YA Fantasy novel written by the wonderfully talented M.E. Vaughan and I'm still reading it. It's taking me way too long to finish it but that's my fault - nothing to do with the book, though it is long - and that's just how I like them. You can track more of my reading progress for The Sons of Thestian through Goodreads.


In other news, as I've just realized I haven't written about it here (for shame), I am somewhat happy to announce that instead of five books for The Dark World series, there will be SIX, yes SIX, you read

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Wonky Youtube Videos

So there's this video I uploaded to Youtube, March 12th right after College. It was meant for only my Tumblr followers and the bulk of fans I have on there, but I decided to upload it everywhere else because why not right? Only, I go to see it again, and the video itself is not matching up with my voice: it's moving far too fast. Dismayed, I checked every youtube embed I have of the video on all my sites - the same thing.

So, I'm uploading it again to see if I can't press out the kinks this time and if all else fails, I'm also uploading it to Tinypic, just in case. Either way, it's a five minute video about me, The Dark World (how I came to write it and everything), and for some reason a few games I'd picked up that same day....

Anywho, I'll have the video up here as soon as humanly possible, 'till then it's time for me to catch some grub and continue to be productive. :)

Take it easy writers.

-S.C./Sheron Parris