When One Chapter Ends...

I've recently taken some necessary steps to turn the next page or chapter of my life if you will, and as such I feel so much more refreshed, focused, and hmm...very much like a writer.

That writing part of myself was stamped down until recently, wallowing beneath some sort of veil I couldn't lift over excruciatingly tired eyes. I was exhausted, mentally more than physically.

But I didn't really know how depressed I was until I had a turning point, realizing where I was in my life wasn't where I needed to be for happiness sake. 

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My Review of Animosity by James Newman | Other Reads: Sad Wings of Destiny & Tentyrian Legacy

Image I recently finished Animosity by James Newman. I wrote up a review on Goodreads.

But I will post it here for your viewing pleasure:

AnimosityAnimosity by James Newman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The horror that exists when those you once said 'hello' to turn on you.

It's even worse when you understand that they don't care why they've turned on you.

Anger, revenge...they turn the nicest people into monsters that are worse than anything our minds can conjure up. For one, they're real.

And that's the scariest thing of all.

Andrew Holland is the protagonist in this unsettling tale, and he's a best selling horror author - a profession his neighbors deem 'unsavory,' though they don't let him know this until he finds a dead girl's body in a construction site one morning.

The rest, as they say, is rather uncomfortable history.

Deception, death, and Andrew's own paranoia are pushed to their limits in this 'right-next-door' horror novel.

It's a solid tale of what could happen if humans feel justified in their anger - and decide they can act on it. It's the blindness of rage, of grief, and what it can propel us to if closure is never found.

It's a sad tale, a horrible tale (in the best sense), and it's horror in a terrible-pit-of-your-gut feeling - it's ANIMOSITY. It's by James Newman.

And it's damn good.

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I'm currently reading Sad Wings of Destiny by Thom Brannan.


There comes a time for a superhero when just punching a bad guy in the face just isn't enough. 

Spring-Heeled Jack has reached that point. Not that he doesn't enjoy the way his nanotech-enhanced fists have made their mark on the underworld, but he knows he could do so much more. His partner, the Archon, knows Jack means well, but he doesn't have the answers he needs to make a decision, and the archangel Uriel, to whom he is bound, has been silent on the matter. 

Their boundaries are stretched to the limit when a new supervillain appears on the scene and changes the way the game is played. Some bad guys want to be rich, some want to rule the world... the Tyrant wants to bring an end to everything... and he's got the means to do it. 

Spring-Heeled Jack and the Archon will save the day, of that there is no question. But what will be the cost? Ideals and people will be cast to the side, and when the time comes, a terrifying choice must be made. This is what happens when the abyss gazes back. 

A review is to come once I'm done - (and who knows when that'll be as I'm swamped with my own writing).

Oh, and I'm also reading an ARC of Tentyrian Legacy by Elise Walters to be completed (hopefully) before it releases July 15th!

tentyrian legacy

The legacy begins in the sands of Egypt in a time when an ancient city called Tentyris flourished. Its secretive people, ruled by the Council of the Zodiac, lived peacefully alongside humanity. That time was 53 B.C. More than two millennia later, the power of the Tentyrian people has been all but forgotten. The remnants of memory that live on have been turned into twisted folklore about vampires and astrology.

One girl on the cusp of womanhood is about to discover just how real that folklore is.

With telepathic powers that made her parents send her to a mental institution, Arianna Parker always knew she was different but she never thought a job interview would lead to the discovery of her being a prophesied descendent of an ancient Egyptian vampire race. Nor for that matter did she think she would fall in love with Maximos Vasilliadis, a 2,225 year old vampire. Maximos is the creator of the Tentyrian Brotherhood a secret order of warriors, pledged to prevent a catastrophic event predicted to wipe out Earth.

Maximos believes Arianna is a descendent of his kind the Tentyrian vampires and she has been destined to lead their cause in saving the world. With her 25th birthday approaching, an event that will change her forever, Arianna finds herself caught in the middle of warring vampires some of whom intend to use her and her power of telepathy for evil.

From the manicured lawns of Connecticut, to the streets of New York City and an exotic island in the Ionian Sea, Arianna must learn to trust Maximos and her heart if she is to save the world, herself, and the Tentyrian legacy.

That's my update, and that's all for now! I need to get back to writing!

Keep your bite!

-S.C. Parris

A New Chapter



It’s been a long, long, long, long, long journey from writing that first horrible draft of The Dark World to actually signing a 5 book deal with the fantastic Permuted Press, for the entire series.

I’ve always been a self-starter, always desiring to see my work in the hands of others once my mother told me I should try and publish it. I, of course, queried a round of literary agents, naturally being met with a hoard of rejections.

This continued for a few years, ‘till I just put the project on a back-burner, and focused on school, and work, life, friends, other things.

Then the wonderful Ronald Moore, of Nocturn fame, shot me a Facebook message, telling me that Before Sunrise Press was looking for short stories for their anthology, and it sounded right up my ally, so at his suggestion, I sent them the beginning of a project about a Vampire in London detailing her life as such.

They took it. Unfortunately, the anthology didn’t happen but they did decide to publish the short story separately.

With this under my belt, I revisited The Dark World and, although I had self-published it at this point, set about editing it, the entire thing (even though I’d already written the second book). This proved fruitful, because, once I was satisfied with the story that sat in front of me, I sent it off to only one publisher January of this year, some days after my birthday.

Anthony Ziccardi, owner of Permuted, actually called me February 15th to tell me that he loved the story and wanted to work with me on publishing it. I was incoherent and convinced he was mistaken.

I waited some 3 weeks and not an email about the contract reached my inbox. At the behest of my boyfriend, I sent a follow up email to Permuted.

Michael L. Wilson contacted me shortly afterward and told me my files got lost in the shuffle, that he was glad I’d followed up because then he could go ahead and work on all the contract details with me and it’d all go much faster.

We shared a few emails back and forth about the books, all the technical information, and then boom. The contract. I read it over, elated with what was presented to me.

I signed it earlier today.

With Michael’s warm welcome, I feel empowered.

My work has only just seriously begun, but I want to thank all of you that have picked up The Dark World when it was self-published, and those that told me they’d look into it. You’ll get your chance soon.

Naturally, I want to thank Ronald Andres Moore, again for being an awesome friend during all of this publishing going on (your book and mine).

Jayme K. for posting hilarious shit and inciting awesome arguments with…everyone. And for being ambitious in all his writing projects. And for working with Joel on their fucking comic. Seriously.

And, even though we don’t talk, Kayla Ancrum, for posting informative original content, and remaining on top of things in the writing world. Your passion speaks through all you share with us on Tumblr. I look up to you. :)

For the rest of you who have just followed me or never paid attention to me before, hi.

I write bloody, sometimes-scary, adventure-fueled, things.

Only now I get paid for it.

If that’s your deal, be sure to pick up The Dark World when it releases early 2015.

Keep your bite.

-S.C. Parris


In class today, instead of focusing on the film being shown, I got a spark of inspiration for the third book in my vampire series - The Two Swords.

The beginning at least. And as much as I can say here without giving anything away, I was focusing more on everyone else but one of the main-er characters, and just giving in and focusing on this character made everything fall in together - plot points I hadn't thought of 'till now surfaced. Quite why I enjoy writing things down - though I can't get the words down fast enough. :) 

The rest of my day was fairly nice. Though I'm a bit tired now, but ah well. I'm off to write.


You be sure to 

Keep your bite.

-S.C. Parris


ImageAfter a very eventful past couple days, I must say things have turned around drastically. For one I was contacted today by Permuted Press via phone and they expressed great enthusiasm for The Dark World and to work with them on publishing it.

I can't remember what I said in response physically, but I know inside my head I was screaming and massively disoriented as well. :D

Either way, I was told they'd be interested in pursuing a contract with me so I await that with bated breath.

I know this is short and it's been months since I've posted but I figured this deserves a post, don't you? ;)

I've a bottle of 2 liter Pepsi and sour gummy worms to celebrate, so off I go to continually smack myself in the face with disbelief.

Funny how things come around, hm?

I have a shit load of people to thank and they know who they are but I shall thank them when the time comes (ie., the contract is officially signed and this is my absolute reality).

Keep your bite,

S.C. Parris