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Quick little post:

 I'm happy to have this website up and running. I'm going to start writing blog posts here every Tuesday.

 Be sure to look out for them.


 I came home from a class tonight to a great surprise! Long time friend and something of a mentor to me,Ronald A. Moore, author of one of my favorite vampire novels, Nocturn, made a mock cover for The Dark World: Book 1:

 I teared up when I scrolled down my Tumblr dashboard, just in awe. At first I thought someone else had a book with the same title and then I saw my name and let out a half-laugh/shriek sound that ended with a snort.

 Beautiful way to end the day. Don't be scared to click the links above and check out Ronald's work - I'm still holding onto my physical copy 'till the day I can get him to sign it.

 And you can check out more fanmade things dealing with the series on my Tumblr Page as well. Who knows, you may be inspired to create something. ;)

With Blood and Love,

Expanding Outlets and Individual Facebook Pages

So I'm on Goodreads (finally),

I've updated my Amazon Author Central Page,

and I've added separate Facebook pages for The Dark World,


and soon to be The Rather Depressing Tales of Patricia L. Bordeaux, and The Immortal's Guide.

I'm expanding and making former maybe ideas into something much more concrete! If you're on Goodreads, add me as a friend and maybe send me a message? I love to talk to fellow writers and people in general!

Keep your bite you lovely Creatures!

-S.C. Parris

Quick Post: Judgment Release Date Announced Soon!

So thanks to my lovely writing friend Lindsey R. Sablowski, I've decided to go ahead and publish Judgment, a novel I was originally going to wait until I'd finished The Delacroix Series to publish.

Set for Spring 2013 (for now), I'll post more information about it as it arises.

For now, I've posted a full excerpt of the book on my website, which you can read here.

Leave comments on it and let me know what you think.

Keep your bite.

-S.C./Sheron Parris

I've Been Busy

So I've been exceptionally busy creating websites, making promotions for The Immortal's Guide and registering domain names. Insofar as actual writing, well that's taken a dive, but it is to be remedied fairly quickly seeing as how I have to update an E-Book format of The Dark World asap.

Since creating the website, which you can find by clicking the link, a greater direction of where I'm taking the series began to become clearer (even more so than it was before), and by allowing my fans to join the site, becoming "Dark Creatures" as it were, they are able to join the forums and post about their favorite characters, about the stories in general, or even vouch for their own breed of Creature or bash the others they don't agree with.

There's even a Character of the Week segment where I feature a much-talked about character for every week until October 31st. For the week of July 26th (till the 30th), the Character of the Week is one half of the titular character: Xavier Delacroix.

As for the promotion, it is detailed on the front page, but to just outline it here will be beneficial as well I think:

As a special promotion for The Immortal's Guide, I am willing, if my Dark Creatures are vocal enough, to place one rabid fan into the story. This fan must be registered with the website, must choose a breed of Dark Creature as his or her counterpart, and must be vocal in the forums, sharing ideas and criticisms with other members. And if this Dark Creature really wants to be included in the story, he or she must message me in any manner of communication, where he or she is willing to share their creative ideas, insights, and desires for their character and just where he or she can and will fit into the story.

**Special Notice: This specially chosen member will be given greater insight into the progression of the story as a result of this promotion if chosen. He or she, if chosen, is sworn unto greatest secrecy NOT to reveal any information about characters, plot progression, and anything else that is penned in The Immortal's Guide. This person will also be given a free copy of The Immortal's Guide courtesy of me.

(This promotion will run for every book here on out. A few months before the new book is to be released, I will start the promotion all over again. The rules and conditions are the same.)

So are you ready, Dark Creatures? The Dark World awaits.

-S.C. Parris