Finished The Two Swords

I should put something here about reveling in ones accomplishments, that the greatest thing is to do what one said they were going to do, but fuck it (ha!), I'm astounded and proud of myself like one wouldn't believe and that's more than enough for me right now. (Also I'm extraordinarily tired.)

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Repost from Bloody Work

Bloody Work

February 10, 2015

When you're a writer, especially a writer who is vampire and fantasy-inclined like I am, you often find it...trying to sit down at your desk or couch or wherever your wandering inclination for tea takes you, and simply...write.

I had numerous occasions to write The Two Swords when I wasn't attending school, and did I write? Here and there, flittering aimlessly through the 'where are these characters taking me?' to the ever-present, 'oh damn I should just start this all over and make a story that makes sense!'


Thankfully, none of these things truly won out and now with school, work, keeping house, reading acquisitions for Burning Willow Press, making Blood Talk videos, and thinking of my story when not writing (which is far too often I'm afraid), I've finally set aside the time to just write - and that is all - most - of what I plan to do today. Get the story at least half-way complete.

I'm writing this blog post because it is long overdue, and to remind myself that I have something to talk about, that I have something to share (because I often think I don't), and to keep my goals in-line with everything I've done so far.

It's not having a book out that makes one a writer, it's actually sitting down and taking the time to write.

After all, the book is the end product which makes you an author, the work itself, the time it took to write the thing, to always come back for more, is what will always make you a writer.

With Blood and Love,

P.S. What other amazing inspiration is there for writing ones book besides another mock cover?

Isn't it wonderful? Thanks, again! R. A. Moore!


fbnotificationsSo you know that pesky Facebook change that's coming at the dawn of the new year? No? Well, it's a little thing that reduces visibility on Facebook Pages, like mine above, and well...everyone who has a Facebook Page for their business. It sucks for a few reasons. One of 'em is that, we already can't get our posts we DO posts on there visible to all of the people that have 'liked' our page (we have to pay for further visibility to really get anyone interested in our content), and they decided to make it so you have to click a little button, even if you've already liked the page, to 'Get Notifications.'

I've given you guys a screenshot of this to help you see what it's like. So go, I implore you, go forth and click those buttons on all the pages you have 'liked,' that is, if you want content. And you do want content from us right?

You especially do for me, because this upcoming year promises to be a busy year for me.

After all, there are only


I mean, that's a pretty big deal. It's been about three years since I self-published The Dark World: A Delacroix Novel, and to now have signed a contract with Permuted Press for all five books, it's astounding how much can change in as little as a year.

To further that thought, I went on an interview for Weinstein Books recently for an internship.

It was amazing being in that office, for starters, and I should hear back from them (after doing a little work for them) in the first week of January or sooner. (Hopefully sooner.)

In other news, I had an amazing writing streak yesterday, where I clocked in two chapters of The Two Swords, writing the whole entire day, only stopping for food and other things. It was glorious.

Today, of course, as equilibrium would have it, the ideas have left me and I don't want to think about writing, let alone look at the story, so of course, I took to Instagram.

I had to stop by the DMV after dropping my boyfriend, Alfred, off to work. I'll admit, I was dreading it, wanting to put it off for another day because the DMV is known for being horrible in every aspect. Wait times, rude people...etc.

Surpringly, within minutes of sitting down, they called my number:

dmvand I, flummoxed as I was, looked around for my booth, took my eye exam, renewed my license, and left.

dmv2I'd never been out of there so fast.

Needless to say I was quite happy to have the rest of the day to myself.

So this





And not to be outdone, Sage had to get in on the mindless videos:

Currently watching The Good Wife (I'm kind of obsessed), and laying on the couch in a lipsticked-slump of numbness.

What are you up to?

With blood and love,



Creativity At Long Last; Burning Willow Press

I have a lot to talk about in this post as it's been a long time since I've shared, I know. For one, I'm fully moved into my new apartment, and more days at work aside, with classes wrapping up for the third week of December, I have decidedly more time to focus on my goals: ◾Getting The Two Swords to the editor by the end of December, ◾Receiving, and reviewing some fantasy submissions to my dear friend's new publishing company, Burning Willow Press, to which I am the fantasy acquisitions editor. (Call it a fun hobby if you will.) Please send some my way! ◾And lastly, writing to this blog more, sharing more of my writing exploits, and where possible the personal.

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My Anxiety and General Sensitivity

My Anxiety and General Sensitivity

has been in full swing lately. It’s all I can do to stop thinking and remain calm, focused on only what I can control. It’s that impending ‘something wrong and bad’ is going to happen feeling - and then it does, and it just repeats and repeats and keeps happening over and over again.

I’m being positive as it is, just needed to slightly vent, I suppose.

Also, finding solace in laundry, household events, and cleaning where I can.

And taking care of myself.

Life is change, that’s what I have to keep reminding myself.

Life is change.

Losing myself in writing The Two Swords, by the way. This will easily be my favorite book in the series.

Keep your bite,