Blurb Writing

Quick post before I go cook dinner for myself and the boyfriend. book, novel, the two swords

So an hour ago or so, I started to write the blurb for The Two Swords, because I grew tired of staring at a mostly blank screen on it's Goodreads page, and I got something, but it wasn't...all together there.

So I stared at the screen for a long time, gave up, and went to write the actual book - stumped there. I know how I want to start it but apparently my mind doesn't want me to start least not now.

So I'm taking a break from the blurb creation and the book creation (can't write an outline until I have a semi-decent beginning; dunno why that is for me), and I'm going to focus on other things like taking my adorable puppy outside in the snow (again)



and cooking.

Don't let your writing bog you down.

And remember:

Keep your bite.

-S.C. Parris

#Day In The Life

Dog: (padding underneath my radiator with his paw, inadvertently swiping at notebooks and a bag)Me: No. No. No. Xavier. No. -Dog bone emerges from underneath radiator with continued swiping.- Dog: (keeps swiping until dog bone is acquired. Puts dog bone in mouth and happily trots away leaving notebook and bag behind.) Me: Oh. Smart ass dog. #adayinthelife

Incoming Husky and Ending Semester

So I'm getting a Husky (tomorrow) (and yes it looks like the picture below, except a puppy) (YAY)and finishing up school hence the lack of proper blog posts. husky, dog

Not much to write here, but I've been super busy outlining

book, novel, the two swords


book, novel, judgment, romance novel, fantasy

Have you been writing and/or reading? If so, what? I do need some new books to read. :)

Let me know in a comment.

Keep your bite,

-S.C. Parris