Yup because I'm bored at home (and somehow not writing, I know, I know,) I decided to hold a flash giveaway on my Facebook Page! Because I know my Likes could be a bit higher, I've decided to make that the stipulation for entering the giveaway! All you have to do is like the page and you're entered to win!

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New Review on The Dark World!

Vera rated it 5 starsThis was the first book of the series that I read. I found the characters, locations and the story line to be extremely fabulous. I'm a great fan of mystery novels and can usually figure things out for myself, however, the ending was a complete surprise. I must say that even though this is my kind of book, the author went above and beyond my expectations.

Wahhh I had no idea she'd posted this November 23rd! I only just saw it this morning when I went to update my books on Goodreads Widget. Well, then! She was one of the Giveaway Winners, and I'm so overjoyed that she enjoyed it. Can't wait to see her surprise at the ending for The Immortal's Guide. ;)

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-S.C. Parris

Giveaway Ended & Deadline Extended!

So The Dark World's Giveaway on Goodreads has been completed, the winners chosen, the books shipped, and I'm still marveling at the fact that 657 people requested a copy. Mind is boggled. Still, I'm taking it all in stride. :) The Immortal's Guide, originally intended for release this Halloween has been pushed back to November 10th, simply because College and work and other activities has kept me from editing and finishing it up as I should.

The Giveaway for TIG has always been pushed back from October 30th, and is now going to be ending Nov 9th. Enough time, I think, to make it all work as it should. :)

That said, I've created new business cards and bookmarks for the books and they are as follows:

Keep your bite.

-S.C. Parris