E3 and the PS4

So you guys know I write and enjoy tv and movies, but I do greatly enjoy video games.

Which is why I watched E3 yesterday with my boyfriend and I plan to do so again today - and what I saw for the Playstation 4 at least got me very excited.

First off, they came right out and said that they wouldn't impose YOUR right to buy and lend off used games. Right in Microsoft's face! Now, I have an Xbox 360 and I do have a PS3 and I do play on both - but my preference, honestly, is for Playstation. Simple story of being raised on it.

Now, the price for the PS4 is fantastic. A clear $100 less than XboxOne. At $399, it's a fantastic price for a brand new console, especially with all the cool games coming out for it.

My eyes are on Outlast, Watch Dogs, and Final Fantasy XV - oh, and of course Grand Theft Auto V.

Now aside from all that, I am still editing the Dark World, I have queried agents and am waiting to hear back from them, but other than that, I'm great. How are you?

Keep your bite,

-S.C. Parris