"Good" and "Evil" and How Subjective They Are

I desperately need to keep up with this blog. It is my bread and butter as it were. ;) Anyway, school has once again begun and my classes are more work-laden than I thought, but the good news is its forcing me to stay sharp and centered, once more forcing me to manage my time better, and pick up and do where before I grew most accustomed to lazing around as I did over the summer.

Now, the theme for this semester in my English class is "Evil." Or rather "Good and Evil and how subjective those terms are." Which perked me up a bit as in my novel, The Dark World, my characters show just how subjective these terms are.

Many people have told me that they have found my MC, Xavier Delacroix, to be rather bland, far too perfect, and not as interesting as his brother, Christian Delacroix.

I always smile when I hear this. They root, instead, for the "underdog" as Christian as been dubbed by many fans, and want to see him excel instead of his "perfect" brother, Xavier.

Why did I write the story this way? Well, firstly it just came out as such, secondly, the story evolved into this allegorical tale of love, death, deception, and hubris (and the downfall that ultimately comes with having such responsibilities thrust upon you).

My characters are incredibly flawed, most are desperate, causing them to become quite seedy, and as such, a few fans have found their favorites to fluctuate with every chapter read.

An accomplishment I pride myself on, if I'm being honest.

I did not start this book with the hopes that everyone would fall in line and love Xavier as much as I did when I first wrote it (I am now mostly indifferent toward him but his struggle is one I can understand wholly), indeed, I had no expectations. But if its one thing my characters (mostly all, in any book I write, I'm afraid) will most often have, it'd be an inner toss and turn, decisions that plague them endlessly and weigh on their shoulders. But it is how they deal with these decisions that set them all apart.

I have never believed in "good" and "evil," I daresay I never will. It is just, and has always been in the eye of the beholder.

Keep your bite.

-S.C./Sheron Parris