Reading/Writing Horror Erotica?

I just read something from an awesome author friend of mine David Owain Hughes - a new submission for Burning Willow Press, and the five chapters I read have sent me into a tailspin of, yes, pleasure. The pleasure of 'witnessing' horrid acts, but being in the MC's shoes - feeling his pleasure with him as he commits them, well if you're into BDSM that is, and understanding his pleasure.

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Quick Update

I know I haven't updated in a while but I just wanted to let everyone know I'm still alive. :) Not that you were worried, I'm sure. Much has been happening for me. Long story short my lovely boyfriend decided to surprise me with a visit this coming Saturday. I'm taking my driving test on Tuesday and he wanted to be there to support me. :')

Onto writing news, he's been reading the book, and after talking to him and another friend about how far they'd gotten and which characters they liked or didn't, I'm very pleased to say that they both saw my characters the way I did. They were interested in the story as well and eager to see how it turned out. Coincidentally, hearing their thoughts aloud helped me with writing the sequel, The Immortal's Guide.

Just hearing where they thought the story would go really helped me with the second book. My boyfriend's ideas especially helped with a lot - and funnily enough many things he said he thought would happen very well are down the line in the series.

So that's what's happening. Next post I think I'll get into my views on writing erotic and/or sex scenes and if they're just there for no reason or to move the story along.

Stay tuned.

-S.C./Sheron Parris