Currently in JFK Airport...

Waiting for my flight to Orlando, Florida to board. We board at 5:10pm so I'm perfectly early. :) Sigh. So many things have happened lately, so I will apologize for my lack of upkeep on the blog. But moving right along, great progress has been made in The Immortal's Guide! With the ending of half of Chapter Fifteen, I was forced to realize the stark direction the book was taking and just why it was going that way, the lessons that would have to be learned...or not, and the utter trial and error of choice, decision-making, and what really makes a character do what they do is at the heart of the chapter. So far it's my favorite one yet.

And to quell any claims that I'm going to kill one of my main characters off - THEY'RE NOT TRUE! It's only the second book for crying out loud! We must leave the character-killing to AT LEAST book three. ;)

My boyfriend is constantly hounding me about my book - he's reading it currently - and now he can't stand a character whom at the beginning he loved. Haha. I'm just utterly gob-smacked that people CARE enough about my characters, their world, to either love or hate them (for good reason, of course).


Life is good and it's gonna get even better. Tomorrow I am off to Universal Studios and I will upload pictures and the like as soon as possible.

Stay tuned.

Big things are in store for The Dark World and subsequent books thereafter!

Yours truly,

S.C./Sheron Parris 

Break From Writing; Disney World

Today I woke up with another pounding headache and immediately knew today would be a "take a break from writing day." So I did. I spent all day on the phone with my lovely boyfriend (who is also a writer/aspiring game designer; how lucky am I?) and he surprises me tonight with some interesting news, but first I'll tell the story: I'm sitting there, watching the Travel Channel when it's ALL Disney Resort background stuff - you know behind the scenes stuff, how things work...etc. So I text my boyfriend the following and this is the conversation that ensued:

Of course, he would NOT shut up - he merely continued to say that he was also trying to get us tickets to Universal Studios. (One of my favorite places on Earth and his as well apparently.) And I damn near died.

No one has ever paid me so much loving affection and attention, and no one has ever planned such an elaborate vacation for me and them - this is quite the surprise.

I'm still in shock and just in awe.

And last night I had a dream about a beautiful white and gold ring with red diamonds (not rubies) - I was given it by my mother who told me it was mine and I had long forgotten about it.

What does it all mean?

I believe it portends to the fact that my life, which has been nothing but fairly terrible up until this year, has finally had a massive turn around.

I wonder what else is in store for my future.

-S.C./Sheron Parris