I've Been Through A Lot Recently

Whatever happen I know to keep my head up, and stay positive. Get to one thing at a time, and especially to not stress.

Better things are coming to me, I can feel it.  

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Writing While Tired

I believe I was fairly productive today. I mean, as productive as my day can allow me to be I suppose. I don't have a week-long job, I have a weekend job at a children's private party place that I absolutely love. (It allows me to make some money during college times, and during summer I make money and on the week days I do this: write!)

Anywho, back to my productivity!

I woke up in an especially good mood but slowly but surely as I turned on my laptop and went on Tumblr, checked my email and all the goodies, this searingly pounding headache returned (I thought I'd gotten rid of it yesterday), but alas, it returned.

Resolved not to let it get me down, I turned on a work out tape via Netflix and did my work out. The headache persisted, and through some sets I had to lay down and let the blood pump to my brain - eventually it was too much and I ended up doing half of my work out and heading to shower.

Now throughout all of this, the call and pull to write my book was very prevalent, idk I just ignored it for most of the day I guess. (Silly me, right?) Anyway, I played some video games (Skyrim anyone?), washed the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, and by the time I settled down to watch the rerun of the MTV Movie Awards, I decided I should finally get on that writing.

So I turned off the TV and climbed into bed.

Turns out I should've listened to those pangs and calls to write earlier (but who could blame me for not doing so? Every time I would go to listen to them before, I'd end up drooling at my screen, hoping something worthwhile would churn itself out; it never really did), because voilà! My voice has returned and my characters are alive! And I have just the touch to get this once-slow-scene moving so that I can get onto further interesting things.

I feel like I've been working on Chapter Fifteen for ages now.

But wouldn't you know it, as soon as I get a good flow going the pangs of a new call start to haunt me. Oh, how I wish it were the pangs of even greater writing, or the pangs for more caffeine - no, it were the pangs of SLEEP.

Goodness me, I had finally gotten a groove going and my body wanted to shut down!

But isn't that just the way? 

I can roll over and get some shut eye (and not wake up 'till tomorrow knowing my sleep levels) but I choose not to! For bloody hell's sake I've finally got a good thing going and I'm not going to ruin it by sleep! I'll sleep when I'm done with this chapter! (Or at least half way through; gotta give me points for being somewhat persistent, no?)

So here and I stand (or lay, more realistically), tapping away at my keyboard, immensely enjoying the fact that my story is moving along once more, and defiantly ignoring the utter lull of sleep that is dulling my eyelids.


I'm a writer damnit!

I love this kind of shit.