I've Been Through A Lot Recently

Whatever happen I know to keep my head up, and stay positive. Get to one thing at a time, and especially to not stress.

Better things are coming to me, I can feel it.  

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Planning my 21st Birthday Ball

Yes, yes, looking for catering halls and/or party places that are elegant and nice more or less. Plan to hold a book signing at the event, have the attendees dress up as their favorite Dark Creatures or favorite character of the story and whoever dresses up the best will win a free signed copy of The Immortal's Guide and a free copy of my next up-coming novel.

I only turn 21 once, I wanted to do something fun, especially since I didn't have a sweet sixteen.

I'm in the Long Island area and I'm currently looking for places. If you know of any, please do leave a comment?


Keep your bite.

-S.C. Parris