Ending Up In A BuzzFeed Article - Writing Excerpt

It's a thin line to keeping your safety yours and contained and having freedom of expression.

A line I hope we can solidify soon.

This ordeal has left me feeling creeped out, surveyed, and scared of losing my job (something no one should ever have to deal with).

I'm glad I didn't give into the 'internet fame' mentality that blankets our internet-generation now (I did gain a slew of new Instagram followers thanks to the article, but that doesn't really mean anything in the real world). Sure it may translate to book sales in the future (huge may), but it doesn't really help my present where I have to work for a living and I'm actually excited about my job.

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Alexandria Stone - Her Truth


We were introduced to Alexandria Stone in The Dark World: A Delacroix Novel, but it isn’t until The Immortal’s Guide: Another Delacroix Novel that we learn her truth.


-The Immortal’s Guide: Another Delacroix Novel; Chapter Seven: A Night of Secrets


She rolled over, panic filling her as she remembered what room she frequented…whose house she remained in— She froze as her eyes found him near the bedroom door, her savior, Christian Delacroix. She dared not breathe or move, her head remaining firmly against the soft pillow, her slender body tense beneath the soft, warm sheets. It was warmth she was suddenly aware she could not feel. She desired, in this very moment, to be lost once more within her dreams…at least there he did not harm her…or threaten her with his piercing stare like he did now. It was so terribly hard for Alexandria to admit, just then, that she was happy this…man saved her life. She was, of course, when left alone to her room, her thoughts of escape, yet when he stood just before her (as he so rarely did), she found it paramount to torture that he’d have saved her: The absolute nothing within his eyes, the complete loathing that existed whenever their paths crossed in the house…. It was quite clear he hated her, and she couldn’t say the feelings weren’t returned: She felt like his prisoner, although he was said to be protecting her (from what, she had no idea), and it was in his contemptuous gaze that she saw her reality. Without that gaze bearing upon her, she found this whole situation much easier to stand. It took her by surprise then, the way he took a single, solitary step into the room, yet appeared to have taken a thousand. And still his black eyes would not leave hers. Before she could muster enough resolve to stammer a word, (what could she say to him?) he had opened his mouth and had spoken, his fangs showing themselves through glimpses of his words. Daggers flashing amidst a blood-stained night. “You were talking…” he said slowly, his voice deep, seeming to resound against the high walls, “in your sleep. I…wondered…if anything…was amiss.”

Copyright S.C. Parris 2012