New 5-Star Review for A Night of Frivolity

From Pally on Amazon! I was so happy when I got the eBook the moment I finish ordering. As I started to read the narration got to me, I felt like I was there watch everything from the begin to the end. The suspense was in each page as I read from the moment she enter the Gentleman's club to the panic in the room. Great short story for those rainy days or just went to feel at the edge of your seat.

Get your copy today and cozy up to a 'suspenseful' read!

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-S.C. Parris

New 5-Star Review for A Night of Frivolity!

A good friend of mine read ANoF and reviewed it. The review is below copied from in its entirety:
Kristina's review

May 03, 13

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Read on May 03, 2013
As this was a short story, I will make this short... I thoroughly enjoyed this short story, and wish I could know more about these characters. Also, I loved the language of the story; it felt old and mysterious.

What will you think of this short story?
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-S.C. Parris