The only power that exists is inside ourselves.
— Anne Rice; Interview With the Vampire

I'm awake!

And it feels so so good.

To start, I washed the ridiculously high pile of dishes in my sink, made some tea for myself and the boyfriend, and tweaked and shaped up the site. What do you think? It's great right? Simple, yet informative - a far cry from the jumbled mess that was my old website hosted on WIX.


^ That's me realizing how shitty WIX's developmental 'resources' were. Now I can shoot my blog to all places as it pleases me the moment I hit post - not copy and paste everything.

Moving on to happier pastures, I'm listening to my local rock radio station 94.3 The Shark (good tunes), I've a paper to do on some books I've read, and I want to get at least three chapters done in The Two Swords before I head to work.

It'll be a busy day for me, for sure, but I'm keeping my head on my shoulders, and instead of crippling under the weight of the stress looming over my head, I'm strapping on my 'let's get to it' boots and doin' it! 

And I hope you are too - conquering whatever obstacles lie in the way of your true happiness. Never take it personal - they're just that - obstacles, another blip on the journey that is your life.

So go forth, like I am, and conquer your happiness, reign it in, and keep it close to your heart.

What I'm listening to:

With Blood and Love

S.C. Parris