Patreon: Why I Started One

Hey guys, so this is gonna be a kind of short post about why I started my Patreon.

I’ve long been struggling (as you may know by the frequency of these posts) to continue writing creatively (being in school, writing academically is something else entirely), and I figured being forced to give content on a regular basis would give my creative juices a push and also help me supplement life (and spread the word about the books I already have in stores).

Enter Patreon.

I’ve seen a bunch of people use one and I never knew what it was for until I went to the site myself and decided “Hm, I can do this.” Now, whether anyone reads it or not, that remains to be seen but here’s what I am aiming to put on it on a frequent (talking twice monthly or so) regular basis.

  1. Writing Process Blog Posts for $1.

    The Reason: Now, I’ve had a few people come up to me seemingly out of the blue to ask me how I got this and that published and how to get started. From here on out I am no longer giving away this information for free. (Only kind of sort of free). Feel free to read my writing process on this blog as it’s been up for ages, but anything on my writing process now will be under the $1 Tier: Fae on my Patreon. You can make a request for anything you may want to know about, but as of now I’m no longer giving away free information. Being a pledger and you’ll get all you need to know about how I “did it.”

  2. Brand New Short Stories for $1.

    The Reason: Creating new content will allow me to stay fresh and cultivate new ideas (as before now they came to me while doing menial tasks and me waiting ‘till I got home to make them a reality.

  3. Chapter-Length Snippets of Work in Progresses for $1.

    The Reason: Self-explanatory really. You can stay updated on my progress on any thing I’m working on as you anticipate it’s release.

  4. Commissioned Short Stories for $5.

    The Reason: If you ever wanted your own short story ala PDF file about a vampire, self-insert…etc. I’m your girl. Conditions apply though. As of now: No overly erotic fiction.

As I think of anymore Tiers, they’ll become available on my Patreon page. Or if you have any suggestions, you can shoot me a comment here, through email…etc. to let me know what you’d like from me more.

I’m off to update my newsletter (what are you waiting for? Subscribe!) and head to class.

With Blood and Love,

S.C. Parris