New Rełease Dates for The Dark World Series!

I was getting out of work when I got an awesome email from Hannah Yancey, the current managing editor/marketing person, and you can imagine my pleasure at it being about my release dates. 

They'd (Permuted) sent out mass release dates to all authors on their authors I'd say a year ago or so, that was when I learned my books wouldn't be coming out yearly (like I'd put in my contract), but monthly. They were due to come out February, March, April, May, and then November, respectively of 2016. 

I'd placed a year between the novels not originally written in order to give myself time to actually write them (I know how convoluted the plot is, the time I would need to actually get a worthy book out, however lengthy), so you can see with the previous release schedule, I would have had roughly 6 months between each book to get it written. 

And I had no idea what the actual due dates were with this release schedule.

Well now, I can gladly (finally), say I do. 

The release dates for The Dark World Series are as follows:

Th e Dark World: Book 1 - February 2016
The Immortal's Guide: Book 2 - March 2016
The Two Swords: Book 3 - April 2016
The Goblet: Book 4 - November 2016
Dracula: Book 5 - November 2017

This gives me a full year in between each book being handed in (or published) to focus on the remaining books, giving them the full attention needed to bring the series to a satisfying conclusion.

I'm glad to have some clarity on the release dates, and now I can breathe a bit easier as I continue writing them. 

I hope to see you all at future cons!

Stay tuned for more updates and event news!

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