A point of contention for me is keeping up with this website and updating both it and this blog.

I know I've been utterly terrible in doing so, and I'm not so sure I understand the 'blogosphere' or how things are meant to work on it.

All I do know is that I have written posts sporadically, except for when I attempted to do "Blood Talk" series on the different types of Dark Creatures that litter the pages of my series. But alas, I stopped after getting to the "Phoenixes" post--why? Because school or work probably got in the way or I was in the position of going through lots of changes--which is always true for me.

I'm not sure why, truly.

All I know it was something I meant to do and never accomplished it.

Meanwhile, in the real world, I've been writing much more as of late (thanks to Spring Break this week), and hope to at least get to the middle of DRACULA before the end of March. Something of a lofty goal as I stare at the current date, but writing again has reminded me how much work this is, how much fun it is, and how much more I have to learn about it or remind myself about it.

the goblet

As lethargy and (some kind of) depression rears its ugly head, I shall sign off on here, only to continue writing the last book in this series. (Perhaps that is what has me so lackadasical and procrastinating on the project.)

I will attempt, as I always do, to keep up with this blog, but I'm not sure what exactly one would want to read from me?

More writing process posts?

More personal posts?

More book-only, character-driven posts?

Academic posts about an English Major near graduation?

Let me know in whatever avenue you see fit? (I'm all over social media.)