5/5 Stars

What a fucking ride.

I'm so satisfied with the end of Amaliya and group's story, and I love the little opening at the end in case there is ever a continuation. (hint hint wink wink)

I loved Amaliya and Cian's continued love and LOVED that there was no 'confusion' plot that dragged them away from each other amidst preparing for the big battle like there often is in urban fantasy (not that I MIND those plots, I quite love them), but not one to focus on too much on the romance of the characters, Rhiannon balances the action, suspense, and bad guy undercurrents with everything else nicely.

Although it seemed the big bad had a bit too much on their side, (I remember wondering just how the protags would come out on top in the face of all the bad guys had against them) the heroes came out victorious in the end, and in my currently dark state of mind, this is just the ending I was looking for.

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I know this blog has fallen to the wayside in the past few, okay, several months, but I've been dealing with a bunch of changes, none of which I will go in depth with here, just know I'm still alive, still working, and surprise! attending school again!

How is my writing going with all of these things happening? Short answer: It's not!

I've finally reached a point where I can stare at my manuscript and get some desire to continue writing, but inevitably sleep or school work or food takes precedent and I put off the writing until later...which, of course, never truthfully comes.

But fear not, it is always like this when starting a new book for me, at least in this series. This is the book where (gasp) someone very important to the plot of things dies and if you've read this blog through all of its change of addresses, you know who that is (Book 5, people), and if you don't, well, you're just gonna have to read the series to see who gets the axe. :) Sinister ain't it?

I think so.

Speaking of sinister, I've had some lovely sales at my nearest B&N, and my book signing (which I never blogged about and don't think I will now, oops!), was awesome and I plan to do another soon for my next books, and I see that THE DARK WORLD is available in other stores which is always a pleasant surprise.

If you do see a copy languishing somewhere on shelves near you, do take a picture with it and tag me in it/send it to me, hm? I love love love seeing copies of my books in readers hands or just hanging out on shelves it knows it has no business being on. Gets me every time. Well, I'm off to finally get some words down!

With Blood and Love!

And don't forget to pre-order THE IMMORTAL'S GUIDE due out Oct 25th, 2016! Just in time for Halloween!

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