Ideas for Giveaways!

Two authors of the few I sent out manuscripts to have gotten back to me with their endorsements for The Dark World: Book 1, and so far they've all said the same:

It's a mix of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles and/or Underworld for good measure.

I, considering I've yet to read Anne Rice's work at all, (though I have watched a few of the Underworld movies but never all the way through except for Rise of the Lycans which was my favorite), this is a huge compliment and I hope they like the next two books as well if they're inclined to read them.

Work, on another front, has been stellar, and I've absolutely devoured (pun intended) every task put before me and I see myself selling books for a long, long time to come. :)

After taking Xavier (my Siberian Husky for new readers) out to do his business, I had an idea that I would use each social media platform I frequent to hold giveaways conducive to the platform. For example:

My Instagram would have image-inclined giveaways.

My Facebook Page would have 'share this, comment, take a photo of yourself with book 1, answer this question, and sing a song while on your head' kind of giveaways.

My Tumblr would have 'reblog this and like this to enter' kind of giveaways.

Because I'm starting not to post the same things on each social media. Some days my Instagram is left alone while I frequent Facebook. At others, my Tumblr sees me reblogging everything in sight, sparking up conversations with other writers and readers, and at others my Facebook sees me sharing everything I can.

Even my Newsletter would have 'subscriber-only' giveaways right through emails.

I'm rarely on Twitter but my Facebook Author Page automatically sends things there.

So these are my ideas, what do you think?

And while you're at it, be sure to contact me or the lovely twistsoffate if you're interested in joining my upcoming Street Team. Those who are a part of it get lovely swag and see EVERYTHING FIRST (yes, even before those in my newsletter), and they get additional swag to spread around and pass on to others. :) Check back here for when the Facebook Group is made so you can join it!

That's all for now, I'll be back with more random updates and book-related updates soon, I promise! For now, it's time to write Book 4!

With blood and love, 

s.c. parris