So I updated my Twitter and Facebook Page's headers/cover photos (photos below) and found a trending hashtag I thought I'd lend my own two cents to.

Below is my contribution:

1. So, is your book like Twilight?
2. Do your vampires sparkle?
3. Why don't you stop writing if it's stressing you out?
4. I have a book idea. Maybe you can write it for me.
5. How much are your royalties a year?
6. If you're a writer, why do you work?
7. Man, it must be great to sit at home and make up stories all day.
8. Can I get a friends and family discount on your next book?
9. Oh, you expect me to actually PAY for your book?
10. C'mon, you've known me FOREVER, just give me the book for FREE.

What's yours? Comment or share your own below. <3