Bloodline Inheritance by Lindsey Sablowski: Cover Reveal

Bloodline Inheritance: The Magicians series, #4

by Lindsey R. Sablowski

Genre: Fantasy, New Adult

Cover Art by Christa Holland  (Paper & Sage Design) 

Cover Art by Christa Holland (Paper & Sage Design) 

Dyanna Carpathia has been a runner her entire life. A handsome man offers her love and a new beginning, but the war could change everything. Now her dreams of leaving behind magic and living as a human seem unrealistic. The magical war demands strength and focus, but Dyanna is haunted by a dark secret. Who will save her from a potential downfall?
Nearby on the battlefield is Malin Petrescu, a survivor who views Dyanna as a potential threat. They share different opinions on the magical world and the future. Marrying the love of his life demands him to fight no matter the consequences. However, victory means defeating their greatest enemy, Christopher. Dyanna’s loyalty is tested, but can she and Malin set aside their differences to save their loved ones?
In the fourth and final installment to the Magicians series we witness the war and the aftermath. This is the last stand for the Dark magicians, and for some it will cost them everything.

Release date: Saturday, July 25th * date will only change if any problems arise Add to Goodreads. Purchase links will be available in July. 

Bloodline Inheritance Bookjacket


“Kill her,” he said.
She shook her head fiercely and whispered, “Please don’t. Please… I will surrender, but please
have mercy.”
Her eyes were wide, and she winced from the pain the orbs had caused. They struck the body
like daggers, but they were not lethal. She could
live, though she would require a lengthy recovery. I held the shard and debated the options in my head. Malin still stood behind me, whispering to end her life. Tears streamed down Jacquette’s face, and for the first time she did not look like a threat. She was a woman like myself, one who had left Dark magic. Had I fallen for a man like Christopher I would be in her exact position, but instead we were on opposite sides. She once had the respect and love from Malin and the others in Destin. Now she laid on the ground entirely defenseless. I knelt down and grabbed the dagger from her hand, but she continued to beg for mercy. How many times could I kill someone before I became a monster? Malin wanted me to kill her, but the more I looked at her the more she reminded me of myself.
“I’ll do it myself,” Malin grumbled, withdrawing his sword. He raised it in the air, but I quickly
threw my body over top of Jacquette’s. She groaned, but without my body over hers I doubted I could stop Malin.
He glared at me. “Move out of the way, Dyanna! If you were in her position she would have
killed you. Don’t make me choose.”


About Lindsey:

Lindsey R. Sablowski is a fantasy author who lives in Maryland with her fiance and two cats.

Lindsey has always adored reading and writing. At twelve years old she discovered her love for magical stories and wrote her first novel. By the age of eighteen a traditional publisher expressed interest in her novel, Cursed With Power.

Since 2010 Lindsey has worked on the Magicians series. She has been both traditionally published and self-published her work. Cursed With Power, Shadows and Embers, and Thicker Than Blood are amongst her published books. The series follows the lives of five Dark magicians, fighting for survival. The fourth installment, Bloodline Inheritance, is expected to release in the summer of 2015. Follow her books and learn more at her website: www.lrenees­ 

The Magicians series:

Cursed With Power (book 1) | Shadows and Embers (book 2) | Thicker Than Blood (book 3) | Bloodline Inheritance (book 4)

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