As I said on my Instagram post:

And I shall do my best to hold true to it despite my many days at work and soon classes at Uni.

I woke up to some great news from my friend and awesome author, Jamie Mason, who has started The Dark World and loves it.

Just a few short pages into THE DARK WORLD (Book 1) and Iโ€™m already hooked. Iโ€™m not much of a vampire guy, but this is pretty good stuff. Looking forward to reading the rest. Thanks, Sheron!
— Jamie Mason

Isn't that such great news?! I'm glad everyone's who's read it is enjoying it thus far. It really makes me breath a sigh of relief, you know? To know that someone's work is being read and enjoyed is validating as hell.

I know we're not to write for 'everyone else' but it DOES help me, at least, with knowing that what I thought and felt others would enjoy (because I, myself enjoyed writing it and reading it) holds true. I hold onto my intuition and don't let it fade that way. I like to think of myself as someone who knows marketing or at least has a natural feel for it.

I guess we'll see once the first book is out February 26th, won't we?!

'Till then, stay tuned!

s.c. parris