Killing Off Characters

So while in the locker room at college today with my dear friend who has read both The Dark World and The Immortal's Guide, said that she wants a lot of characters to die, upon my asking who she thought should. I was shocked at one of her suggestions, as the character she mentioned was (not only one of my favorites), but was, in fact, quite integral to showing the state of the soul once one ventured through The Immortal's Guide, and did something else that I won't mention here for lack of spoiling things.

It just shocked me. Even more so when my boyfriend chimed in, with interest on which characters should live or die. All in all another fun day.

What do you think about killing off characters that hold an important part of the story together? Would the story be strengthened or weakened by their death? Would the fans appreciate it? Would you kill someone off just because a fan said the story would be 'so muuuuchhh bettterrrrrr!!!!1111' without him or her or it or them?

Let me know in the comments below!

Writing on The Two Swords commences, naturally, and at the very beginning, all I can say is we see trouble starting right off the bat. As it should be in a S.C. Parris story, no?

I'm off to go write some more and scroll through Tumblr, (follow me, kids),


Keep your bite.

-S.C. Parris