ImageAfter a very eventful past couple days, I must say things have turned around drastically. For one I was contacted today by Permuted Press via phone and they expressed great enthusiasm for The Dark World and to work with them on publishing it.

I can't remember what I said in response physically, but I know inside my head I was screaming and massively disoriented as well. :D

Either way, I was told they'd be interested in pursuing a contract with me so I await that with bated breath.

I know this is short and it's been months since I've posted but I figured this deserves a post, don't you? ;)

I've a bottle of 2 liter Pepsi and sour gummy worms to celebrate, so off I go to continually smack myself in the face with disbelief.

Funny how things come around, hm?

I have a shit load of people to thank and they know who they are but I shall thank them when the time comes (ie., the contract is officially signed and this is my absolute reality).

Keep your bite,

S.C. Parris