War: A Poem

War In this fading pain, A pain encumbering with my action, I slip, Recollecting lost fragments of things not in time. A quote, A choice, A love, Lost. My head screams with my regret, But push forward I must. Fatigue drags me further down, The sand beneath my feet Loose, Rough, Cold. There is something there, A journey of hardened choice, Greater insight...hindsight. For my regrets are not masked, My choices not caught in careful arms. They fall. Like my knees to the ground. The sand biting my knees. The pain-- It is no longer fading, Encumbered with my action it is Heavy, Thick, Pulsing. And my regret, Knows no greater agony In a past yet lived, A future now gained. I slip from my knees, Find peace in releasing My flesh to the ground, The sand. There are no waves to greet me, No hands to grasp me. I am with my pain, My choices. Not free from the binding pain Of my past, My journey before me. Buried with my battles, The myriad scars. Yes, I know, This war looms on evermore.

Keep your bite,

S.C. Parris