The Immortal's Guide Blurb

When the Great Vampire dies, Xavier Delacroix is thrown into a World he barely knew only to wade through the grand mess left behind. For he must search for The Immortal's Guide, the only book in existence that will help him realize his place in the "new" Dark World.

But he is not alone, of course. Eleanor Black still wants him, and those close to him are forced along for the journey bringing with them their own trials.

With a human to protect, a book to find, and Elite Creatures to evade, Xavier Delacroix is once again forced to find answers to the many questions that fill his disturbed mind. And he hopes, in a place not greatly changed by the one Creature he cannot hide from, that these answers reside in The Immortal's Guide.

Released Halloween 2012! What do you think?

-S.C. Parris