Excerpt of The Immortal's Guide: Another Delacroix Novel

“How much farther is it?”Nathanial Vivery stepped up to the Vampire, his golden eyes flashing. “It is just beyond these plains.” His green eyes scanned the dark of the sky before them. “And what is its entrance?” he asked, knowing that every Vampire City and Town had their own unique entrances, be it a well, the base of a mountain, or a simple run-down manor…. “Its entrance, my Lord, is a gate,” he said now beginning to step past Xavier, out of the woods, his worn brown boots squishing against the wet grass. “A gate?” he asked, not understanding, beginning to follow him out of the woods. “How can a mere gate be the entrance into a Vampire City?” Nathanial said nothing as they walked quickly across the grass, neither having enough energy to fly. Xavier did not press the question further, although his own mind swam with questions. How could a gate be the entrance into a Vampire City? He had never been to Scylla before but often heard Dracula speaking of it, though the Great Vampire would never tell he, Xavier, directly where the Vampire City was located. He’d read no piece of article or summary about this Vampire City in any books Dracula would have him read, nor was he aware if anyone in the Vampire Order knew where the City was. How strange it was that Dracula would keep such a City from Xavier’s knowledge…but perhaps, Xavier thought as they walked, it was not as strange as he would have once thought…. He eyed the red-haired Vampire who walked in front of him through the darkness. It was very possible, he decided then, that Dracula was protecting this Vampire. It did seem Nathanial Vivery had Vampires he knew in this City; perhaps Dracula did not want knowledge to spread of Nathanial Vivery’s whereabouts until the time of his death…. A cold sigh escaped his lips. Dracula’s death. It was a topic of thought and discussion he would rather remove himself from. Ever since they left Victor’s Manor four days ago, their minds were glued, irrefutably, to finding The Immortal’s Guide. He had had no time to think on or question Dracula’s motives…or at least, that is the lie he told himself whenever the opportunity for free thought arose. The truth was, and this Xavier Delacroix could not ignore, he desperately desired answers to all the questions Dracula left him with. And he knew – or at least, he hoped – all these answers would be in this one book Dracula had left for him to journey through. It was one of the things that propelled him forward. The other, naturally, was Eleanor Black. -Chapter Six: Scylla; The Immortal's Guide: Another Delacroix Novel