Taken with my iPhone at Hershey Park's Zoo yesterday. Had no idea Eagles were so incredibly large! Their wing spans can reach up to 7 feet across! Needless to say my mind was blown. Moving on, I'm back in New York, and I returned home to some amazing news. Another happy customer, tagged me in a Facebook post, showing me they received their copy of my book at last.

Quite quite lovely. I was in the car when I signed onto Facebook on my phone and saw the post. Gave me a nice jolt of pleasant surprise (I often forget I wrote a book at all).

Just really nice to see that others are supporting me and believe in my work.

As of today I've gotten another person greatly interested in my work and she begged for the link to the book, which another friend of mine happily obliged to give her. It's amazing what following your dreams can do. Read more about my latest happenings, including updates to my website, and an artist agreeing to create the cover for a new novel: The Tales of Sinner Sharpe

So a friend of mine has agreed to create the cover for The Tales of Sinner Sharpe. We're discussing the idea of the novel and many other things as we speak. Creativity is indeed at an all-time high. I suppose high-speed roller-coasters were exactly what I needed to get myself back on track. ;)

As for my website, I've updated it a bit more, including fan pictures on the front page of those who have brought my book (though it just those who've taken pictures of themselves with my book; there are many more who have not), and an updated to the forums and my author page where I also showcase my books. I've also included a Links page where I post my other websites and the websites of other authors or artists that I enjoy.

Keep your bite, authors. We're in this together.

-S.C./Sheron Parris