A fellow fan wanted to interview me and I thought it'd be a great idea so here it is. Fan: How are you this evening, Ms. Parris?

Me: I'm a bit under the weather but I'm pressing on. Thank you.

Fan: I have finished reading the first book in the series, titled The Dark World, and I have to say it was Brilliant! This is your first published piece of work correct?

Me: If you don't count a poem published in a book of students' poetry when I was in middle school, then yes, this is my first published piece of work.

Fan: Very impressive. So then, how did the story of The Delacroix Series first come to you? I'm sure your fans are dying to know how this world of vampires and secrets was first conceived.

Me: I had just finished the last book in the Harry Potter Series, and I was so moved by Harry's journeys that I knew what I wanted to do. Besides writing continuous poems, I was going to write my own novel, fantasy of course. I already knew what I wanted it to be about as I had grown up watching vampires and found them fascinating even as a little girl. The few main characters were immediately conjured and the names of Christian and Xavier particularly were immediately assigned to their respective characters once their descriptions were known.

Fan: So it all sort of just came together and you were just the conduit to breathe life into it so to speak?

Me: I suppose you could say that, yes.

Fan: Now when it comes to the character of Dracula, I have to say I, personally had mixed feelings about his presence in the novel at first even before he showed up in the later chapters. What made you want to portray Dracula, a vampire widely known throughout myth and entertainment in the manner that you have, and what were you aiming at with your presentation of the legend of Dracula for your book?

Me: Amazing question! Firstly, I knew that if I had a World of Vampires, at least, then they would have to have a leader. I was hesitant to put him in the book at first but as his past and story came to me, it made more sense. In The Dark World, he is a mysterious, enigmatic character. He has a lot of secrets and his many rules help run the Dark World with an iron fist – he needs to with all the crazy Creatures around. His past is a troubling one and I did not take any blatant ideas of his image and such from past incarnations. I wanted to keep him as fresh as possible for the series.

Fan: Yes, Dracula definitely is a character as you’ve portrayed in-depth, with burdens and secrets, and as you mentioned there are a slew of crazy creatures around in the dark world. In the first book, we hear many mentions of various creatures and had more observable moments of others. With the next book in the series due out Oct. 31st, aside from Lycan battles, can we expect to see more physical conflict between these creatures as we were given a taste of in the last few chapters of The Dark World with the Elite attack?

Me: Oh absolutely. With the end of the last book, events were certainly put into action and there are many Creatures who want to place their race at the top of the food chain as it were. This will result in numerous battles, clashing conflicts, and even more tension than previously witnessed in The Dark World.

Fan: Well since we’ve mentioned The Immortal’s Guide, what can you tell us about the next book? We were left with a lot of questions and a seemingly huge disaster brewing. With two other books planned as well, what sort of theme can we expect with The Immortal’s Guide?

Me: The Immortal’s Guide’s theme is fairly open. I’d like to think where The Dark World was rather closed and structured, The Immortal’s Guide is more..well everything. We see a bigger scope of the Dark World a bigger scope of characters in their actions, their trials. Everything is bigger. for the next two books...well I won’t go too far into them at the moment, but the escalation of power and battle will play a key part in them.

Fan: That sounds very promising and exciting! Now, if I could be a bit more personal, as an author what has been some of the more pressing obstacles you’ve faced while writing the Delacroix series?

Me: Obstacles? I’d say losing about 3 or 4 chapters while writing the first draft of The Dark World the endless writers block. the mindless banging of my head against the keyboard...just about always were the only major obstacles faced while writing the novel. I guess I’m rather lucky. :)

Fan: I’m sure plenty could only wish for your problems. So more into the mind of S.C. Parris, when you’re not creating deeply rich worlds and characters or banging your head on keyboards, what do you do to unwind? Also it’s been mentioned that you are an avid fan of a Japanese anime show called Bleach. Between that and Harry Potter, are there any subtle hints or homages of the influences those mediums have on your work in the Delacroix Series?

Me: What I loved most about Harry Potter was the magical aspect of it so you will definitely  find that in The Dark World, however, my wizards (named Enchanters) don’t use wands, but they use their hands and certain books to cast their spell. As for Bleach, I can’t help but laugh. Uh, as amazing as I found Bleach, I can’t say it holds too much influence on the way I write or how I write. Bleach is another world of art all on its own that I admire for its story, characters, etc. I don’t keep these characters and such in mind while writing my own story. When writing, I am immersed in the world and my own characters for obvious reasons.

Fan: And a typical day of relaxation for you when you’re not writing?

Me: Video games, Netflix, food, and tea, tea, tea! Or work of some kind (I am never relaxing.)

And a word of closing from S.C. Parris:

I just want to say a big word of thanks to all who bought the book and all who loved it and begged me to make (and quickly finish) a second one. :) I hope you love The Immortal’s Guide as much as you loved The Dark World and to all who haven’t head it yet, what are you waiting for? :)

The Dark World: A Delacroix Novel