I've been so physically and mentally exhausted lately, it's been really bad, so please do pardon my lack of long, thought out posts. Other things have taken up my time and attention. It's no secret that I love to write. Having shared with one other the basic plot of The Immortal's Guide, Ive found myself glowing with the shared euphoria of anticipation. Finding my work to, as I've told him and countless others, to have grown exponentially, he applauded my character outline, the plot outline, and expressed that he could not wait to eye the greater journey that awaits all readers in my next book.

All of which I am most happy for all my fans to read. I just hope they find my work, as they did with the first book, very much to the liking.

My goal for anything I do is to do it better than I would have dreamed of doing. Things seem to go well for me with that mindset.

Exhaustion aside, I refuse to let anything deter me from my goals. And I hope all subsequent projects surpass my goals and more.

I need sleep.

Tomorrow is very busy day, indeed. ;) -S.C./Sheron Parris

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