“The Dark World is a very intriguing novel, this coming from someone who has strayed away from all the vampire and werewolf hype that seems to be permeating the media as of lately. This is a book that brings back the mystery and viciousness of the night creatures we are familiar with. Even more impressive than that however is the depth of detail that the reader gets from each character. Every character is fleshed out with care and an element of imperfection that makes you constantly change allegiance to whom you root for and who you disdain. A deeply engrossing read not just for fans of Vampire novels but for readers of all standings and taste, The Dark World is a grounded and tantalizing tale of secrets, violence, and emotion that only gets better with every page. S.C. Paris is definitely a author worth putting on your radar.” —-Review of The Dark World: A Delacroix Novel on