Super Short Story: Those Seconds by Sheron Parris

A college student awaits the end of time.  ------

It ticked away, those ancient seconds, and he stared at the clock again, though long ago had he abandoned hope. Nothing would change, even as the time passed. But damn, those seconds!

"I hope we're not given like, a ridiculous amount of homework for the weekend," the girl in the next seat whispered over the side of her desk.

He turned his weary gaze from the clock against the wall and blinked blearily, staring around at her. The dark gaze in her eyes...the hope shining within the brown circles of desire.

He cleared his throat and wiped away the silver of drool. "Yeah - yeah, I hope not." And he tried his best invested grin but he felt it came across as more of a grimace: she suddenly looked incredibly uncomfortable and quickly stared down at her empty sheet of paper.

He smiled wryly: Class was almost done.

Finding the clock against the wall again, he stared at it, not seeing it this time...his mind was now lost on her brown eyes--

"Don't forget to do the weekend packet and answer the additional questions attached to it - remember: this is ten percent of your grade."

Grabbing his books and placing them back in his bag, he was careful to stare at the clock again, grinning widely as he knew his time, those seconds were finally up.