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So I'm writing this via my iPhone whilst getting a cup of tea and thinking about the day ahead. I've a few chapters lined up to work on but also some anxiety about absolutely nothing but that's to be unfortunately expected. Anxiety and I have a long history. Not a pretty one. But I learned a way to combat it is to get up and DO.

So I'm up. I'm awake. Boiling my tea water and thinking of my characters. A change of pace seems best for them right now.

I believe it's why I'll have them get a bit roughed up, have a few characters that are at odds with each other scruff it out a bit and move on to their seperate-but-oh-so-intertwined destinies.

Hm. Today shall be as extraordinary as I allow it to be.

Strange headaches aside, I desire it to be monumental.

So shall it be.

How's your day going/gonna go?

-S.C./Sheron Parris